Leading your destiny by not being a conformist


  1. Change, has been enabled by self-learners, non-conformists and those who dared to lead their destinies against criticism, and opposition. To name a few such individuals: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc. Their contributions to our world and how it has changed our world stands as a statement to what self-learning and leading can do when compared to living a life of a blind follower. Needless to mention the fame and fortune that comes along when you choose to lead your own destiny.
  2. Those who follow others and live by other people’s onions and wisdom, seldom progress and achieve something extraordinary but most certainly limit their own destiny and potential.
  3. People who have the courage to lead are intelligent thinkers who often accomplish extraordinary things in life and bring about great changes that benefit others.
  4. Even subject matter experts are often wrong about their own ideas and analysis. There are many doctors who misdiagnose, economists often make wrong financial predictions, politicians mislead, business leaders file bankruptcy, religious heads preach hate and anger which is against any religious beliefs, researchers contradict their own statements, etc. Therefore, one needs to be smart enough to form educated and balanced opinions by self-investigating and learning.
  5. Blind followers are never open to change and progress. They take refuge in ailing wisdom and old teachings by wallowing in their comfort zone.
  6. Leaders are solution finders who face challenges with courage and win, followers are problem avoiders who settle for the mediocre.
  7. The one power and freedom everyone has in life is the power to choose. And often this power is wasted by choosing to follow someone blindly and live by their ideologies as opposed to self-learning and doing things your way and taking the responsibility to owning and shaping your own destiny.
  8. Let us face the fact that life is not fair and we live in a imperfect world. There are often several faults and plenty of chances for improvement in every process and system that we often find ourselves in. Try not to succumb to what you know is not right. Instead, make small and intelligent changes that you can and make things better. There is no time or audience for your whining. But you can make time to change what you can.
  9. Respect yourself and identify your potential. Everyone has something that they can be good at. Find your strengths and align it with your life goals and work hard towards it. Dare to set your mark in this world. Do it your way. You are known and respected by what you do and leave behind, not by what you say or look like.
  10. Lead, follow or get out of the way! But remember the consequences of each stance you choose. You can either be a leader and take responsibility of your life, fight your own battles, and enjoy your own glory. Or you can follow someone else and blame your failures on their mistakes, but be prepared to live a life that is a result of someone else’s doings and ideologies.

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