Things that are more gratifying than money and fortune


  1. Forgiving those who have hurt you in the past. Forgive, you may not be able to forget. By forgiving them, you are not doing them a favor, but you are doing yourself a lot of good. By forgiving you are letting go of the pain, hurt, and prejudice and hate or bitterness you carry. These are some of the most negative factors that affects your wellbeing, mind and prevents you from moving ahead in life.
  2. Help others. By being disconnected with other people in life you alienate yourself from a lot of opportunities that can help you feel lot more purposeful and give you a sense of gratification. By helping others you will begin to collect several moments of happiness and comfort you have brought others which will help you feel better about yourself.
  3. Communicating with those who you have been avoiding. Often people never end up making that 10 minute phone call to that distant relative or a friend. Life gets busy and time flies. Eventually it becomes too late. By calling that one person and just asking about their health and wellness and sharing a few happening about your life will help you jog some good past memories and create some new appreciation for others and their feelings towards you. It also helps if you take the time to spend time with your friends, family and children. You begin develop more meaningful connections with them and understand them better.
  4. Apologize for your mistakes. This is another major factor for a lot of stress that you do not need. By being humble, realizing your mistakes and giving up your arrogance, you only become a much happier person and let go of a lot of negativity and guilt. If you are hurt by others who have wronged you should also be able to understand how others feel when you do the same to them. Make that call, let go of your guilt and negativity.
  5. Bring people together. It is a wonderful thing and a very elevating experience to help bring two people together as opposed to fueling the fire and helping them split up. If you have an opportunity to mend hearts then do it. There are those who sew and there are those who cut. Mending relationships takes an unbiased stance and a gracious heart, but to cut up relationships is often a biased and selfish act. Healing is greater than hurting. It’s just that simple.
  6. Let people be. You do not have to control, advice and help people live a protected life because you care about them. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they please. They do not have to live by your wisdom. You will have to let a child have a few falls before they learn to walk. Mistakes and pain is a part of everyone’s life. Let people fall and learn. Do offer advice and help, but do not get upset if they do not follow your advice. Just like yourself they too have the right to listen to good advice and yet do something different and learn from their mistakes.
  7. Let go of your prejudice. Like yourself everyone has a good and a bad side to them. Life and circumstances influences their behavior and actions. Sometimes they do not know any better. And you have never walked a mile in their shoes. So do not be judgmental and hold negative thoughts about others. Everyone is too busy battling their own stressful life. As long as you can be good and do good you will keep inspiring others to be like you. Do not hate people for who they are. They too will learn and life will deal them their share of lessons at the most opportune time.
  8. Do not be opinionated. You do not have to have an opinion about everything in life. And you opinion doesn’t have to the right and the only one. Everyone has their way of looking at things in life. What might be easy for you may be difficult for some and what may be idiotic to you may be smart for others. Those who live life with the “My way or highway” attitude often walk a very lonely path while others keep passing them by and going ahead. Everyone can have their own educated or semi educated pinion. But if you do not have an educated opinion you better stop dishing one out for the sake of doing so. Others often do not tell you how stupid you look when you give an uneducated opinion. If people do not refute your bad opinion it doesn’t mean you are right.
  9. Appreciate the good in others. By letting others know when they have done something good it makes them want to repeat that good act over and over again. This simple act of acknowledgement and appreciation is a very powerful tool each of us have that can help make this world a better place. You motivate others and help them realize their potential to do good in their lives. Simple words and acts of appreciate makes you realize the power you have over others and how much your words could mean to someone.
  10. Love! Learn to love generously and unconditionally. By developing that kind of love you learn to accept others for who they are and all their imperfections becomes trivial. There by you begin to build a relationship that if more meaningful and deep. This is the kind of love that develops mutual respect and both begin to reciprocate their kindness and love all the time. For you it help you see the world differently when you have such love for someone in your life. If you can develop generous and unconditional love for several people in your life you will begin to see how happy you become. This is because you expected nothing in return and hence never get disappointed. It takes a clean heart to love like this and over time you begin to have a great heart that several others will adore.

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