How to handle Criticism



  1. People may laugh at your ideas, they may ridicule, disrespect and taunt. This has been so with almost every person who ventured out to do something great in life. And just like these individuals from a long list of highly accomplished individuals, you too can follow your ideas and aspirations through and accomplish something great in life. The trick is however not to stop and waste time by questioning your critics’ behavior, but to use that time to cautiously and persistently continue making gains towards your goals.
  2. Some of the greatest people we know faced the harshest critics in their life and overcame great challenges to do what they did. You need to educate yourself by reading some of their biographies to understand that you are no exception. The path to success is certainly not a straight one paved with perfectly laid stones and lined with roses.
  3. There has never been a critic who has ever received an award. But several of those who they criticized did receive several awards and recognitions for what they achieved in their life.
  4. An intelligent person never wastes time explaining and defending his or her intentions in words to their critics, but they proceed to show them in their character and actions. Hence lead your life by what you want it to be and not be what your critics think it should be.
  5. Just like you do, your critics too have the right to form their own opinions and ideas or even be judgmental. There is no law against it. You can’t take that away from them. But you can certainly prove them wrong if you try.
  6. Sometimes, critics are not your enemies. They can be your angels in disguise by voicing their opinions in a manner that may caution you of where you may go wrong. If you pay attention to what they say, you may find several hidden nuggets of wisdom.
  7. There is nothing called constructive criticism. There is criticism and there is constructive feedback. But offering unsolicited constructive feedback is often seen as criticism. So, if you cannot say anything good. It is best to nothing.
  8. A critic can also be a friend. Certain critics help you see a true reflection of you. This helps you in your self-analysis and development to do better. You need to realize their value and have the wisdom to know the difference between a good critic and a bad critic. Just because someone tells you that you are wrong doesn’t make them your bad critic. It is absolutely imperative to have a realistic advice on where you are going wrong. Especially because often our ego and over confidence blinds us of our errors.
  9. The best comeback to a critic is your success in achieving your goal.
  10. Every great team has a coach who tells them where they are going wrong and how to overcome them. Find your coach in life. In fact, you will need a coach for several aspects in life. Collect as many as you can and value their opinions. You do not have to take all their advice. It certainly pays to listen, understand and incorporate the ones that best suits your path in life.

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