Taking Risks in life


  1. Risk is bad. Calculated risk is good. The difference being the amount of thought and evaluation put into the loss versus the gain. The willingness to venture into unchartered territory with a clear understanding and acceptance of consequences is a key characteristic of some of the greatest adventurers who have discovered and achieved great things in life.
  2. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Change and progress can never be achieved by doing the same thing over and over again or by waiting for an opportunity. Opportunity comes by on the path to progress. Thus one has to take the step forward towards progress and great things happen as opportunities comes along.
  3. If you take a chance in life with a 1% rate of success it is still a much better option than doing nothing which is a 100% chance of failure.
  4. What is unknown is only so until you take the step towards learning about it and taking the time to know it. Often the lack of knowledge is what stops progress. It is better to learn and progress as opposed to avoid and stay stagnant in life.
  5. Majority of the things we fear never really happens. Think of the things you feared and it came true. It is more likely that the things we fear never happens. And often we spend a lot of time worrying about such things.
  6. Hardworking people plan for success. Smart people plan for failure. The smart way to ensure success is to prepare yourself to handle failure. It is wise to put in the time and thinking into what you would do when things do not go as planned and build solutions to avoid them or overcome then if they occur.
  7. Seldom has a path of least resistance lead to greatness. New and great things have often warranted the need to take risks, challenge status quo, overcome hurdles, and develop solutions to problems.
  8. The good chance of things going wrong exists in every aspect of life and the odds are almost the same. Things can go wrong in relationships, work, while driving, while flying, or a bus can hit you while you are standing at a pavement. The odds of any of this happening are almost the same. This doesn’t stop us from living and getting about with life. This is because we take a reasonable approach towards risks. This is imperative in every major decision in life as well and in venturing out to do something new. Reasonable evaluation is key.
  9. Nothing praiseworthy, noble, extraordinary and new can be done without taking risk. Risk is an integral part of the process of progress. And mistakes do happen along the way. If you haven’t done any mistakes in life you have never taken risks. Hence it is also an essential process of learning.
  10. Many great successes have only come when people have had the courage to risk facing many “No’s”. And amongst several rejections there comes along a single “Yes” that leads to success. Courage are those who take risk and achieve great successes and bring about great changes to self and the world. The rest often succumb to life.

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