…Self Improvement and Progress


  1. Every individual is absolutely capable to self-develop and improve several aspects of their lives if they need to. But it is seldom that one sees the need to self-develop and change things for the better.
  2. It is great to wish for a beautiful woman, a handsome man in your life, a great job, the respect and adulation of other. But one needs to ask the question if they have what others want? Do you have the characteristics what that handsome man or beautiful girl seeks? Do you have the experience and qualifications that employer seeks? Do you have the characteristics that attracts and impresses others? If not, then you have to self-improve to gain those key elements that matches who you seek for in life.
  3. It is easier to see where others are going wrong and give them advice on what they should do. If we spend time analyzing ourselves we also we will know exactly what we need to do to make things right and progress. The problem is we just simply do not do what we know we must.
  4. Every problem is only a problem until a solution is developed for it. If we take a “can do” attitude and take on the responsibility of a “Problem Solver” we too can develop solutions for our own problems.
  5. Finding a better paying job, putting our finances in order, mending our relationships, getting healthier are achievable goals. We just need to do two things to achieve them. 1) Think and understand what we are doing wrong and stop doing it. 2) Work hard to figure out what is the right thing to do and DO it!
  6. The most common problems why people do not self-develop is because they procrastinate. Many of us know exactly what the right thing to do is. Pick up the phone and call someone to med a relationship, ask forgiveness for what we have done wrong, refresh our resumes to fit the job we are applying for, make short time sacrifices for long term financial freedom etc. are some of them. We know these. But we never get to it. We procrastinate and continue to wallow in our misery by denying the facts.
  7. The easiest way to justify our inaction towards self-development and progress is to find someone or something to blame it on. In reality it is a game of cowardice that we have mastered in since our childhood that we have refuse to give up.
  8. No one is going to come by one day, tap our shoulder and hand us the key to success. We have to find it ourselves, try achieving it and fail, learn from our failures and persevere until we get what we want based on the hard and smart work we have put towards achieving it.
  9. They say, you cannot change the world or change people. But you certainly can improve yourself and change your life around. By doing so you may inspire a person or two to do the same. By that process you begin to change the world one person at a time.
  10. Fact: Almost every accomplished person you admire, has done exactly these things and often against the most severe obstacles and challenges to achieve great things in life. It all began with honest self-introspection and the need to self-develop. You too can do the same. Remember: It is often the most ordinary of people who have achieved the most extraordinary of things in life.

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