Accepting life….


  • We do not live in a perfect world with ideal standards and fair people. There are all sorts of people, everybody do not live by the same principles and ideals, things often fail, people often fail, nothing is perfect and everyone faces some sort of adversities and set-backs in their lives.
  • But life doesn’t stop. People cope, thrive and survive. Everyone holds a greater threshold for life challenges. Time heals and everyone eventually move ahead and progress towards better things in life.
  • There is peace and calm in every corner in life. There is also calm before the storm. A drive away, a quiet hot bath, a restful sleep, a short afternoon nap, a short holiday, a lazy afternoon are all small little things one can do to think things over and reset the pace in life. Learn to recognize these little bubbles of peace all through your life and use them to stop, relax, rethink and realign yourself to realities of life.
  • S#@t happen! It happens to everyone and often when least expected. But life also offers plenty of toilet rolls in the form of courage, patience, resilience, intelligence to solve problems, and tolerance. Exercise them wisely and often. Even the so called prophets of faiths (the chosen ones of the creator), weren’t spared of their share of adversities and challenges. So you are no exception.
  • You will always have the ability to exercise free will. Your life is nothing but the consequences of your choice in reaction to what life throws at you. You control your destiny in certain ways by the choices you make. Some make greater choices in life regardless of their adversities and accomplish great things, and some make poor choices and fail. So try to make carefully studies and educated choices. And once you made your choice be courageous enough to face the consequences. It was your choice, so do not blame others.
  • You can never be all things to all people. Stop trying to life a life that is carved by other people’s opinions about you. You may not be able to help everyone, be tolerant to every nonsense, be available for everyone, live up to everyone’s expectations of you or be forgiving all the time. Le others face their lives and the result of their choices and learn. But as long as you are fair, caring, courteous, express concern, and do only what you can within your means and time. People will always remember and respect you for the good and kind natured person you are. And there may be some who won’t respect you regardless of what you do. But then again do you really want to waste your emotions on such unfair people?
  • There are plenty of success and victories in life. Some little and some big. It comes with hard work, patience, and good choices in life. Every little success is like growing a tree from a seed. You will find success and reasons to celebrate in several things in life all the time such as relationships, career, a new car, a child, a spouse, a financial benefit, a reward etc. Good things happens to everyone often. Just that people forget to recognize them and enjoy them because they are too busy remembering the bad things in life. This happen when people feel entitled to only all good things in life all the time regardless of what they do and do not do to achieve them. One of the best advice I ever got was “Learn to lose a few battles while living to win the war of life”.
  • Then break when you do not take care of them. Car, tools, relationships, equipment’s etc. But if you got yourself a lemon for a car, a damaged tool a faulty equipment or made a poor choice in a life partner or friendship, know when to stop wasting time trying to fix it. Dump it and get another one. One doesn’t buy a car to be underneath it working to fix it all the time. So take time to thing and make good choices when you get yourself things in life and make relationship choices. Invest the time early on before you make the choice and then spend the rest of the time enjoying your choice, taking good care of them, loving them and cherishing them all the time.
  • Exercise reason all the time to avoid disappointments. There is only a reasonable outcome to every choice and investment made in life. If you expect unreasonably outcomes in life you will always be disappointed. Cheap things in life are cheap for a reason. A cheap meal may not be quality food. The outcome of any investment you make in life (emotionally, financially, educationally, and patiently) will only generate a reasonable rate of return. If you expect an unreasonable and excessive outcome, be prepared for an unnecessary disappointment
  • Finally, realize you just live only once in this fragile and unstable network of several imperfect systems called life. Your body, this planet, the people around you, and every system will fail at some point and perish. And this can happen at any given time and when you least expect it. And time is too short. Make every year and every month and every week and everyday useful. Look at everyone and everything around you and know that you are only experiencing them for a short moment while you are alive. So not waste time and touch and experience all of life with all its imperfections and beauty. Change what you can for the better and leave the things you can’t. Breath! A rose can be seen as an imperfect construction of bent petals, uncomfortably held together and trying to tear away from each other every day while it wilts and withers away. But it looks great, smells great and is beautiful. Enjoy it while it lives. That’s very similar to the life we live. Breath!

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