…accepting self


  • We do not live in a perfect world or in perfect conditions. Similarly we are not perfect error free, mistake free and perfect people. We are in fact designed to live in a continuous process of learning from our experiences since birth until death. And since there is always much to learn and we cannot possible consume all the knowledge that there can be, we will always remain short of knowledge that will allow us to fail at times. And that process of failing and learning is the only “perfect” process we have been provided with.
  • We are a complex structure of chemicals, emotions, nerves and tissues that exists only in a reactionary position to what “life” provides us with. We can only navigate through our destiny by means of choosing our reaction to events and experiences that life provides us. We will always chose a reactions that may be perfect, imperfect, wrong, ideal or based on various circumstances. All of them are just right, because whatever follows our choice of reaction we can always manipulate, endure, accept, overcome or enjoy the events that follow. That’s just simply what is called life.
  • We will face pain all through life and we will equally experience a lot of happiness. But each of these aspects will occur and pass with time. But when we face pain we tend to linger in its feelings because it keeps us close to our conscious self. Similarly we often tend to forget happiness as it extends us into a realm of momentary heightened level of over confidence. Either way, life has a way to balance both these aspects in our lives and we must try not to indulge in either of them for too long. Balance is key.
  • We will thrive under any condition. We as a species have survived and thrived and progressed into a highly evolved being. This in itself clearly indicates that we have a natural ability to thrive. By exercising our power of will and mind we can thrive and overcome several events all through our life if we want. But this is once again a “choice” we have to make and follow it through with our actions to accomplish.
  • We can be whatever we want to be and accomplish several things in life. What truly stops us from doing this is our weakness of giving importance to the opinions of our critics, peers, family, society and the perceived or inherited social norms, beliefs and ideologies. Almost every great person who has achieved something great in life has done it so only by crushing their critics, ignoring negative opinions, breaking norms, overcoming barriers, and moving ahead with absolute determination. Only ordinary people have often managed to accomplish the extraordinary. Hence you are no exception.
  • We are absolutely right in choosing our pace and goals in life. It is absolutely okay for us to be slow, comfortable in our circumstances, live a calculated and cautious life or not being over ambitions. But this is only fine when we accept the consequences of this choice and not undermine or judge others who chose to live life otherwise and experience the consequences of their choices. We do not have to reach for the moons and the stars when we can be happy, content and peaceful with our feel planted firmly on familiar ground. Absolutely nothing is wrong with living a simple content life or choosing to step out of your comfort zone and try to accomplish something more. Happiness and peace should be the ultimate goal.
  • We are not picture perfect. There is nothing as a perfect look or body. Every glamourous picture of every model or celebrity is subjected to several touch ups and enhancements. Without their make-up and specially designed clothes all glamourous people look less than ordinary. If you impress someone with cosmetics and pretentious attitude, you will immediately lose their interest in you the moment you get back to your real self. It is thus better to be who you are and take great pride in the real you than a pretentious you. The pride in the “real you” will enhance your personality and character that truly attracts people to you. Pretentious people attract pretentious people.
  • We have the right to indulge. It is absolutely fine for us to indulge in things every once in a while considering the fact that we only live once and life is not necessarily a pleasant experience all the time. So we indulge in things that gives us some extra satisfaction every once in a awhile. Food drinks, shopping, love, toys, etc. We all have the right to enjoy life as we please. But what harms us is not the indulgence. What really harms us in excessiveness. Anything in excess often leads to dire consequences. Balance and control is key to everything in life.
  • Failure is essential and a valuable part in life. The more we fail the more we learn from our failures and progress. But giving up is what hurts us, not failure. A true champion is the person who does what he or she has to do when they are totally exhausted and are unable to do it. No matter how much life beats you down, you must always try and stand up. “Trying” is 50% of winning. By trying you are half way to accomplishing your goal. But not trying you are 0% chance of doing anything in life.
  • Lastly we cannot be the best in all things in life. We will be great in certain things and bad in many other things. We may have a special skill in a particular sport but not all sports. Instead of being upset at what we are not good at, we can either learn and practice in getting good at it or move ahead and focus on what we are really good at and have a flair for. Sometimes we need to expend our energies in what we are good at than wasting it on what we are not good at.

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