Overcoming Fear….


  1. Think of all the things that you feared would happen and how many of them really did. If you just a normal person, without any super powers or a greater power of intuition, you will soon realize that over 80% of the things you initially feared did not happen.
  2. Similarly, the worst things that ever happen to people are the least expected. An accident, a simple ailment that eventually grows into a major scare, catching a viral bug, getting into an argument, a job lay off are some of the most common things that one least expects to happen but it does.
  3. The best way to live without unnecessary fear of impending doom is to take responsibility of one’s own safety by living a carful and balanced life.ie, take no unnecessary risks, don’t over do anything, excess is always bad and always be humble and use the prevention is better than cure approach. It also helps to take a reasonable approach towards events in life as bad things happens to everyone. No one escapes. Even the prophets of major religions faced several bad events. So have faith in your ability to find solutions and endurance as all bad phases will always pass and good times will roll in. Horrible things happen to everyone, and they pick themselves up, dust up and get back on the track of life and move forward.
  4. The worst fear for many is losing a loved one. Guess what? You too will die one day and your loved ones will be hurt too. No one lives forever. But over time pain heals, people cope, other life problems take precedence, and before you realize your life will end too. There are millions who have lost a lot of loved ones in the most tragic manner and still live on to accomplish more in life.
  5. Try to live a guilt free life. Try to undo your mistakes, seek forgiveness from those you have hurt and try to live a life with no regrets or guilt. You only live once and in the process of working towards living a guilt free life, you will find purpose and live a lot more meaningful life. This will help alienate fear of   bad things from happening and give you the courage to endure a lot more.
  6. Walk away. Several bad things in life happen when we react to events in haste or anger. Try to practice the art of walking away. I have always been envious of those who have always ben very calm and peaceful and wondered what their secret is. Well, the secret is simple. They stay calm and if they can’t then they walk away and revisit the issue once the other party has calmed down.
  7. Quite often, bad things happen for a damn good reason. Relationships fail and you eventually find a better mate, you lose your job to find a better one, some wishes do not come through but eventually you get what you need. We are often very emotional and impulsive. We end up desiring for things without knowing if they are good for us and we get very disappointed when we do not get it. But almost always, over some time, we can reflect upon such a disappointment and realize that it was probably good it didn’t happen.
  8. We cannot move forward by feet planted deep in the past. Like every mountain climber, in order to get higher he or she will eventually have to let go of the good firm grip they have for another one. You will find many ledges, crevasses, cracks, and short protruding rocks on the way up. Use them to your advantage and do not cling on too them for too long. Do not let fear hold you back from exercising your potential. You are only limited by your intention. If your intentions are solid, you will fear nothing and will eventually have the courage to face anything.
  9. Every bad phase passes. Pain reduces, wounds heal, dark clouds pass, spring comes around again, new leaves will spring out, flowers will bloom, and people will grow older, ideas will change, character will change, people will learn, good things will happen. Over time everything will change. In my experience the worst pain eases in 3 days. You may be hurt emotionally for loner, but the worst phase will pass in three days. Patience will help. It one of the greatest gifts we have that we seldom exercise. I often think of the thousands of little children who have been the victims of war and orphaned. That is probably the worst traumatic lives they endure yet they survive and move forward. This belittles my pain and helps me realign my thinking.
  10. Problems are nothing more than puzzles that we are given a chance to solve. Once we develop a solution it is no longer a problem. Try and approach every problem in life as your unique chance to exercise your intelligence to develop a solution. Think, plan, try out, fail, rethink, and redo, but keep trying. People have solved the worst problems and thus we have evolved. We can almost always find a solution to every problem if we spend the time and effort to formulate a solution. It may not be the best solution but a solution nevertheless. Taking this attitude towards any bad events in life will help you mitigate the problem of fear and swap it for courage. Do not let fear stop you from experiencing all the wonderful things you can in this one short life.

3 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear….

  1. #3 “So have faith in your ability to find solutions”;– instead of allowing to be led into fear of Ebola or Dengue Fever, I’ve used my abilities to find solutions, a remedy. Thanks for this posting.

    Knowledge of a remedy for Ebola has a history dating back to 10 April 2001. The link provided will reference Government Approval and Congressional Testimony (click on each) in the right hand sidebar of this link tinyurl.com/m5273xj.

    As a fellow WordPress blogger, I will gladly respond to any questions you may have that links DTA/DOD/AFRL/WHO/CDC/&FDA gagged suppliers of the remedy/ to having knowledge of there being a viable remedy to the Ebola of this present crisis.


    • Thanks. My post in context is about individuals living in fear of change, taking chances, and standing up for self. It is not about a fear of an epidemic.

      In the case of Ebola, once can take precautions too. As opposed to living in paranoia and going berserk over possible conspiracies. We do not live in a fair world. Even a kid knows that. So as opposed to living in fear or indulge in fear mongering, one can perhaps take precautions and try their best to take a cautious and realistic approach towards the issue.


      • Your posting comes up under the Ebola tag. Knowledge of truth conquerors all that might induce fear. My blog is about knowing the natural solutions to Ebola or Dengue fever. Hopefully my comment is not related to fear but knowledge sharing.


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